Holmesglen Futuretech offers a suite of industry short courses specifically for those working in the electrotechnology and telecommunications industries.

Our vision is to deliver first-class, industry-specific training to existing workers seeking post trade qualifications or up skilling, new apprentices and trainees seeking entry into the sector, and employer- initiated specialist training.

This concept is consistent with government policy that encourages collaboration between TAFE institutes, unions and industry and enables the establishment of industry service centres that provide a one -stop training solution for students. These programs will help develop and upskill you and your workforce to meet current and future demands of the industry.

Our qualified teaching staff come with a vast range of industry experience, and we are able to provide informed advice that can assist with developing customised training programs specifically for your workplace.

Our strong connections with industry ensure we are up to date with labour market needs, industry trends, standards and requirements. Our courses are delivered on campus or can be delivered to work groups in the workplace.

We aim to instill the importance of ongoing continuous professional development, highlighting the need to embrace digital convergence and the importance of gaining new skills and adopting new technologies.

Students will experience this shift to the new ways of learning in an impressive environment where there are no traditional white or blackboards – all learning devices are electronic and students can bring their own devices.

The facility has been meticulously designed to create an exciting environment which conveys the tradition and history of the industry, but also reflects the new digital landscape. It's a Centre which debunks the traditional notion of training environments and reflects cutting edge spaces and technology.

To find out more about how Futuretech can assist your business, contact us via futuretech@holmesglen.edu.au or 03 9564 4700.