From electrical apprentice to business owner

Jake Carter’s passion for learning was reignited when he made the switch from a finance role to an electrical career. 

A father-to-be at the time, Jake left the comfort of his career to a new trades role. 

“I’ve since found a rewarding, challenging and motivating career with excellent prospects for growth, diversity and financial gain,” Jake says of his new electrical career. 

Jake completed his electrical training at our award-winning Futuretech campus in North Melbourne – a collaboration with the Electrical Trades Union delivering electrotechnology, telecommunications, renewable energy, cabling, OH&S and testing. 

“There was a lot of opportunity for extra-curricular learning, and we learned so much more than you receive at any other institute. Being able to work at my own pace allowed me to complete my studies in three years, whereas it normally takes four,” he explains. 

The UEE30820 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician is designed to give learners the skills and industry insights they need before they apply for their Energy Safe Victoria’s Electrician’s Licence. 

Jake received perfect marks for his pre-apprenticeship assessments and passed his A-Grade Electrician’s Exam on his first attempt. His hard work was recognised with Futuretech’s Outstanding Electrotechnology Apprentice Award. He was also a finalist in the Outstanding Apprentice category at our 2019 Holmesglen Awards. 

After completing his training with Holmesglen, Jake started his own business, Cardiac Electrical. 

“I sub-contract to Design and Build Electrical. My Futuretech education provided the foundation for my career success.” 

As part of his new career, Jake has overseen an eight-person team, embracing the chance to mentor the younger apprentices.

As an employer, Jake believes the electrical field offers many opportunities. 

“With an electrical course on the Free TAFE list, more and more young people are entering the trade. It is important that we keep these students motivated and inspired. It is an opportunity to create a highly skilled workforce and lift the entire standard of the industry.” 

Find out how you can start or take the next step in your career at our electrical courses page.